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Testing and tagging is an electrical service that ensures the safety of your electrical products. Testing and tagging has two parts: first, we visually evaluate the equipment for flaws, damage, and missing components. Second, we offer electrical tests that evaluate insulation resistance, polarity, and earth continuity. The proper safety status is then tagged (labelled) on the equipment.

Three-phase power can be defined as the common method of alternating current power generation, transmission, and distribution. It is a type of polyphase system and is the most common method used by electric grids worldwide to transfer power. In order to successfully Test and Tag a 3 Phase appliance, there are three tests that are performed: an Earth Bond (an essential test), Insulation Resistance and Leakage test.

Occasionally, an item will fail testing and it is the technician’s obligation to notify you of the damaged item and identify it appropriately. These items are taken out of service, and depending on the nature of the malfunction, more testing or repairs may be required to correct the problem.

An RCD (Residual Current Device) is a device that prevents you from receiving a lethal electric shock if you contact a live item such as a broken light switch or an exposed cable. A normal fuse or circuit breaker cannot provide the same level of personal protection as an RCD.

Yes. If you have a busy office with many people, or even a location where customers are coming and going, our technicians are more than happy to work around your schedule. After hours and weekend appointments are available so that our operators can attend to the equipment without needing to disrupt employees are affect your customer experience in store.

The time it takes to test and tag an appliance varies depending on the type of appliance being tested, but it should only take a few minutes at a time.  A visual assessment of the appliance is conducted first, which assists the technician in determining which electrical tests are required. Before being labelled as safe and acceptable, some appliances must pass many tests. Our technicians can provide a more accurate time for servicing, based on the amount of items you have to test.

A Portable Appliance Tester, also known as a PAT is an electronic testing deice, designed to perform a range of automatic tests on plug-in type electrical equipment as outlined in AS/NZS 3760:2010 standard.