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Why Testing & Tagging is important

Managing a business in New Zealand comes with a range of obligations, but first and foremost is prioritising the safety of anyone your business deals with. Whether that means your employees or your clients and customers, all business owners and managers have a responsibility of providing a safe environment.

But what constitutes a safe environment in the workplace? How do you minimize risk and keep your business premises and electrical equipment compliant?

The electrical safety standard for businesses in New Zealand, or AS/NZ3760:2022, regulates the frequency and quality of inspections for equipment used both mobile and on site. According to the New Zealand government, businesses must have their electrical equipment tested and tagged by a professional on a timely basis (depending on what the equipment is).

Testing and tagging is important because it is essential for following government regulations for safety, but also allows you peace of mind that you have protected your personnel and assets to the best of your ability.

Inspecting your business’s electrical equipment yourself will not safeguard you if the worst should happen, which means that your only option is speaking with a professional test and tag operator.

It is important to note that not all test and tag experts are cut from the same cloth, and not all have incredibly high standards, but Pulse Test & Tag are the exception. Pulse Test & Tag are known throughout New Zealand for their desire to provide the highest quality service as well as exceeding their client’s expectations.

Pulse Test & Tag are up-to-date with the latest AS/NZ3760:2022 changes, and have been trained for all types of industries and electrical equipment. You can rest assured that Pulse Test & Tag are capable of protecting your business and your clients from electrical faults, and saving you money by predicting and identifying possible equipment issues.

Call Pulse Test & Tag New Zealand on 0800 785 434 or enquire online for a free quote.

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