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What exactly is testing and tagging?

Do you charge your phone in the office with a cord?

In the office kitchen this morning, did you boil the kettle or brew coffee?

Was the TV on yesterday in reception?

Do you use electrical devices at work?

Do you spend all day at a computer?

Do you use a scanner or printer?

Have you given those appliances’ safety any thought?

What if one of them had a cord that was frayed or broken?

Do you really believe you are protected, or would you notice?

The unsettling truth is that electrocution deaths happen more frequently than people normally realise or even consider. When there are experts who can expertly check it, it is not enough simply to assume that a piece of hardware or an appliance is in safe operating order. A test and tag technician should verify your electrical equipment in the same manner that professionals install smoke alarms and frequently check them to make sure they are functioning.

This test and tag examination must be done by a professional, if you own a business, it is essential for keeping yourself, your employees and customers safe. Pulse Test & Tag New Zealand are professionals in the field with experience in residential, commercial, and construction testing and tagging. Our team is knowledgeable in a wide range of requirements for different industries ad their requirements. The team can perform an external inspection of the equipment, a protective earth continuity test, an insulation test, and a polarity test before providing you with a thorough report.

For more information about electrical safety right now, contact Pulse Test & Tag New Zealand at 0800 785 434.

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