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What is an RCD Safety Switch?

What is an RCD (Residual Current Device) and why does it affect your home or business?

RCDs, more commonly known as safety switches, can be the difference between life and death. They monitor the current flow of active and neutral wires while equipment is plugged into power. The RCD detects an electrical fault in under 20 milliseconds and breaks the connection before the user can be harmed.

Approximately 300 Australians per year are hospitalised and 15 die due to electrical accidents that could be easily prevented with RCDs.

RCDs are also important in preventing electrical fires. On average, 40% of NSW fires are caused by electrical faults and appliances and could be prevented with a professionally installed and regularly checked safety switch.

It is not enough to simply have an RCD installed, you must also have them tested (and tagged). A manual trip test should be performed every 6 months and a trip time test should be performed every 12 months. These tests ensure that your RCD is in safe and working order (according to the Australian standard AS/NZS 3760) and that you, your family, your home and/or business are protected in case of an electrical emergency.

Electrical faults happen more frequently than most people would realise. Sometimes a fault can be a frayed cord and other times it can be an abnormal voltage caused by a lightning strike. The potential for an electrical surge or defect is too high and too unpredictable to not take seriously, especially considering the ease and affordability of installation and testing.

If you are in need of an RCD installation or an RCD test and tag, maybe it’s time to contact a professional test and tag operator. Surge Test and Tag are Australia’s number 1 choice for test and tag services, with 5 star reviews and reliable results. Call Surge Test and Tag on 0800 785 434 to speak with a professional today.

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