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Why do my appliances need to be tested and tagged?

Between the years 2020 and 2021, the New South Wales Royal Fire Service attended 22,885 fires state-wide. It was the worst bushfire season that NSW had recorded, costing $1.88 billion in insurance claims and destroying 2448 homes.

Most Australians can recall that horrific period in 2020, the Black Summer period, and shudder at the thought of its utter devastation. The sheer intensity and duration of the fires meant that over 1 billion animals died, some unfortunately even going extinct.

What does all this mean now? Fires aren’t plaguing the NEWS or really even a concern for most, especially during these colder months. Out of sight, out of mind. But remember, complacency is how tragedies happen. Don’t become a statistic by neglecting things at home or at work that can cause fires. Check your gutters and gardens for excess leaves and ensure that you are following the most recent smoke alarm regulations. Watch out for electrical issues such as frayed cords or broken power sockets and ensure that your workplace has been tested and tagged in accordance with Australian and New Zealand safety standards (AS NZS 3760).

If you are unfamiliar with test and tag regulations, call a professional and enquire. Surge Test and Tag are Australia’s number 1 choice for test and tag services. They can test and tag your home and/or workplace (including construction) and give same day quotes and service by certified technicians.

The team will inspect all equipment and inform you of what needs to be tested when (anywhere between 1 month and 5 years, depending on equipment) and conduct necessary inspections to ensure that your home or workplace are AS NZS 3760 compliant.

Surge Test and Tag are able to give an external inspection of equipment (check for damage, defects, etc), conduct protective earth continuity tests, insulations tests and polarity. Surge Test and Tag will then give you a comprehensive report once inspection is complete, giving you peace of mind and safety against electrical fires come summertime.

Call Surge Test and Tag on 1300 178 743 and speak with a professional today. Don’t put it off until summer, protect your equipment now.

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