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Why should my business get testing and tagging done?

Failure to test and tag the electrical equipment for your business is extremely dangerous and poses a very real threat of life and death for anyone who steps foot on the premises.
For example, if you own a grocery store and fail to have your electrical equipment inspected, you are posing a risk to your customers. Something as simple as a faulty EFTPOS machine could cause electrical shock and severe trauma or death, which would be avoided with the proper professional attention that a test and tag operator would provide.

If you were to apply the above hypothetical situation to your own business, what kind of calamity could you foresee? Imagine that whatever type of electrical goods your business used had a broken cord or damaged photocopier and it went unnoticed. And don’t be fooled in assuming that only old equipment could become faulty. New electrical equipment must be tested and tagged professionally too, in order to ensure it passes safety standards prior to use.

New Zealand experiences too many avoidable cases of electrical hospitalisations and deaths due to untested or poorly tested new equipment. That’s why it is crucial to speak with a test and tag expert with experience and attention to the finest detail. Pulse Test & Tag New Zealand are trusted industry experts, with over 10 years of experience. Pulse Test & Tag are ready to cater to a wide variety of industries, such as small local enterprises; theme parks; mining and office buildings. You can rest assured that the safety needs of your business will be met, with the most meticulous of standards and the highest level of care. Whether you are upgrading equipment or needing old equipment checked, your local Pulse Test & Tag operator will see it through. Most importantly, Pulse Test & Tag New Zealand will give you peace of mind that your employees and clients are safe. So call today on 0800 785 434 and speak with a Pulse Test & Tag technician today.

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