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How getting your appliances and equipment test and Tagged can save you time and money

Whether you run a small or big business, testing and tagging your electrical equipment is imperative. Test and tag is important not only for the safety of your employees, but for the longevity of your business’s equipment. Booking in regular inspections could save you a great deal of money on avoidable repairs or expensive new equipment. Booking in with a test and tag professional will also ensure that your equipment is running optimally, while identifying any potential issues or hazards in the workplace.

Unfortunately, having electrical equipment inspected in the home is often neglected and leads to equipment breaking and having to be thrown out. A test and tag professional can help you avoid costly repairs for all of your home’s electrical goods by bringing potential problems to your attention.

Finding an issue before it’s too late will allow you to repair your equipment, at home and at work, saving you from spending thousands on purchasing replacement equipment. Most importantly, preventing hazards will ensure a safe workplace and home, and fulfillment of the Australian and New Zealand standard AS/NZ3760:2022.

By speaking with a Pulse Test & Tag technician, you will avoid haemorrhaging your money into re-purchasing equipment that would have been undamaged with the proper attention and care. Furthermore, setting up recurring inspections with Pulse Test & Tag New Zealand will save you time and hassle in the future, and ensure that you avoid forgetting future inspections. Your test and tag operator will inform you as to the specific time specifications that your electrical needs require.

Please note that having your electrical equipment tested once will not satisfy the necessary safety regulations to run a business in New Zealand, so call Pulse Test & Tag today and speak with your local expert. It’s best you gauge the electrical health of your business and home before it’s too late!

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