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3 phase testing

What exactly is 3 Phase Testing?

Our technicians often get asked, what is 3 phase testing and do I need it? When a Test & Tag expert inspects the state of the wires in a three phase connection, this is known as “3 Phase Testing.” The 3-phase electrical machinery’s 5 wires must be examined by the technician before it can be passed or failed.

The neutral, earth, and three phases (or actives) make up the five wires that are typically found on major industrial machinery and equipment. In contrast to single phase, which operates on 230–240 volts, 3 phase equipment operates at 400–415 volts.

Your Pulse Test & Tag New Zealand technician will perform a visual inspection of the equipment, test it to ensure that it is safe and in working order, label the equipment as tested, and then produce a thorough report. The technician does three inspections when testing the device. An earth bond test comes first and is very important, followed by the insulation resistance and leakage tests.

This implies that having your high-voltage equipment routinely inspected by a Pulse Test & Tag New Zealand technician can ensure both the longevity and good health of your expensive equipment as well as everyone using it.

Enquire with Pulse Test & Tag New Zealand on 0800 785 434 for a free quote for 3-phase testing. It is crucial to adhere to New Zealand’s Standards and a necessary component of managing a business with large equipment. The Pulse technicians are ready to talk with you if you have any enquiries about the type of machinery you own. With just one phone call, you can avert a workplace tragedy and protect your employees’ welfare as well as the future of your company.

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